Saturday, March 05, 2016

Ello Poppet Czech Pilsner

Recently, I asked my wife what I should brew next for "her" side of the keggerator.

Her answer was Buckwheat's BPA or Ello Poppet. I have brewed Buckwheat 11 times. Ello Poppet only once. I call Ello Poppet a Czech-Style Pilsner, and it is pretty hoppy with 6 different types of German (mostly noble) hops.

My wife swears she doesn't like hoppy beers, but what she really means is that she doesn't like bitter beers. And, usually she only really associates American "C" hops with "hoppy".

So, Ello Poppet is one of those beers that The Beer Model and I both really enjoy. (or at least last time I made it ... back in 2012 ... that was the case)

So, Last Sunday I decided to brew