Thursday, August 31, 2023

Buckwheat's Belgium Pale Ale (Batch 342)

If you follow along on this blog, you might have caught that I try to have the Beer Model (aka my wife) brew from time to time.

In the United States, an individual homebrewer is allowed to brew 100 gallons of beer a year. A household with two or more adults over 21 years of age is allowed a maximum of 200 gallons.

The SheppyBrew "Brewery" brews significantly over 100 gallons most years, and we're on track to get over 100 again this year. 

So ... mostly jokingly, I say that the Beer Model has to brew in order to keep me out of jail.

I'm honestly not sure who is supposed to enforce this 100 (or 200) gallon limit. I suspect that no one actually does, so I don't think I'm in any real danger of going to jail for brewing too much beer.

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

More Tri-tip photos

As I mentioned in Tri-tip photos, I got buy-one-get-one-free Tri-tips last time I bought tri-tip.

So ... I had another tri-tip in the freezer to make.

This past Sunday after my #MetricCenturyEveryMonth ride ... I made the second tri-tip from that purchase.


As usual, I Reverse Seared it on one of my Weber Kettles.

Hickory smoked tri-tips are delicious.

I got started around 4:30 pm, which is about an hour and a half before dinner time.

Thursday, August 24, 2023

2023 Tribute Day Photos

We're getting close!! In September, I'll be cycling 1000 miles in September to help raise awareness and money to fight childhood cancer.

It is called the Great Cycle Challenge.

If you'd like to help out, head to my "Rider Page" at


Tuesday, August 22, 2023


If you follow this blog at all (or the SheppyBrew Facebook page or the SheppyBrew Instagram page), you know that I try to raise money every year to try to fight childhood cancer.

The Great Cycle Challenge. Feel free to follow that link and donate.

This is my 8th year doing The Great Cycle Challenge.

My goal is to ride 1000 miles over the month of September, which honestly is not an easy thing to do, so I have stay in cycling shape to have any chance of accomplishing this goal.

Honestly, part of the reason I do this every year is to force myself to stay in shape.

Anyway, I cycle year-round, and part of what I do to stay in shape is to make sure I ride at least one "Metric Century" every month. 100 km or 62.14 miles in one ride. 

This past Sunday, I did my "Metric Century" for August.

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Pork Butt and Kumbucha

Summer is almost over!

My youngest son is heading off to college this week. How did this happen so fast?

One of the things he requested before heading off to school was to have pulled pork for dinner some night.

So, this past Sunday I smoked a pork butt.

Generally, I use Kombucha to spray my bbq. My spray bottle was empty, but I've had a batch fermenting for quite awhile.

So, I had to bottle up that batch.

I got started around 6am, applying rub to the butt, getting the kettle ready, and getting the kombucha ready to bottle.

Thursday, August 10, 2023

A is for AC Golden Tank Room

Ok ... well I guess ... here we go again ...

In A to Z Denver Breweries Round 4, I mentioned that I wasn't sure if we'd do a 5th round of the A to Z Denver Breweries series of posts.

We certainly have a bunch more breweries to visit on the Colorado Brewery Map & List, but there are several letters in the alphabet that are not straight forward to fill in.

However, The SheppyBrew Beer Model (aka my wife) wanted to ride her Pedego to a brewery last Saturday for lunch.

There was an "A brewery" that is a pretty nice ride and that I've been interested in visiting, so we decided to go for it ...

Tuesday, August 08, 2023

Steamacularly Common (Batch 341)

R.I.P. Anchor Brewing company

After 127 years in business, Anchor Brewing has closed.

It is sad.

Back in the Spring of 2019, the family visited San Francisco, and shortly after, I brewed a California Common beer in honor of Anchor Steam, their iconic classic beer. (see Bridge Fog California Common (Batch 231)).

Upon hearing about the closing of Anchor Brewing, I decided to brew another beer inspired by Anchor Steam.

The American Homebrew Association published a Clone Recipe of the beer, which I used as a base to my recipe ...

Sunday, August 06, 2023

Gypsy Magic, Wings and Corn

So.... I sort of had a weird issue with Gypsy Magic Bière de Garde, but I seem to have gotten past it.

The issue was that the beer was quite cloudy when I kegged it.

I'm really not sure why. It attenuated fully and I thought I had given enough time to clear up.

I thought that once it was chilled it would take a day or two to clear up, but it really stayed cloudy for longer than I expected. Eventually, I added gelatin to help settle out the "crud", and a couple days after, that seems to have done the trick.

But, I probably had almost a whole gallon of beer before it was where I thought it was finally good to drink.

I guess the good news is that the beer is exactly what I think it should be now. 

Smooth and malty with clean yeast character. Fairly strong, but dangerously drinkable. Not much hop character. Nice and dry. Beautiful dark amber / brown.

Friday, August 04, 2023

A to Z Denver Breweries Round 4

The SheppyBrew Beer Model and I are done with Round 4 of our A to Z Denver Breweries series of posts.

We started this round in June of 2022 with A is for A Bit Twisted Brewpub. We posted Z is for CraZy Mountain Brewery just a few days ago.

This means we made it all the way through the alphabet in just over 13 months, which is much faster than any of the previous rounds.

I'm actually pretty surprised how far we got down that alphabet before we started having to "take artistic license" with names in this round. I'm also a little surprised how few we had to do that with.

We made it all the way to Q (Q is for Six Capital Brewing and BBQ) before having to use a brewery that didn't actually start with the target letter. If I'm counting correctly, we only had to do this with a total of 5 in this round.

Tuesday, August 01, 2023

First Century Ride of 2023

This past Saturday, I did my first Century ride of 2023.

Yep, 100 miles.
That's right ... On my bicycle.
Yep, in one day.
No, my butt is fine.
Nope, I'm not crazy.
Yes, I know you don't like to drive that far.

Spoiler alert ... there are a lot of similarities between my First Century Ride of 2022 and this one. It was also done the last Saturday of July.

If you've been following me, on this blog, you know I'm "training" for September. 

In September, I'm riding 1,000 miles to help raise awareness and money for the Children's Cancer Research Fund with the Great Cycle Challenge.

If you can afford it and are against childhood cancer, you should donate some money to help with the cause. If you want to help my fundraising effort ... you can donate at