Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Z is for CraZy Mountain Brewery

Here we are ... we got through Round 4 of the A to Z series of posts.

If you're new to the blog, or just have not been paying attention ...

Way back in 2015, I was a little embarrassed at how few of the Denver area breweries I had visited.

As I was looking through a list of the breweries in the area, it struck me that there were breweries starting with (just about) every letter in the alphabet.

And ... staring with A is for Alpine Dog Brewing Company, I started working my way through the alphabet.

And ... here we are about to finish up Round 4 ... Big Z, Little Z, what begins with Z?

Yes, Crazy Mountain doesn't start with "Z", but we were out of actual "Z" breweries in the area. We've had to take this sort of "artistic" license quite a bit over the past few  A to Z posts, which makes me think we're probably finishing this project now that we're done with Round 4.

Anyhoo ... we arrived at Crazy Mountain, which is located at  1505 Ogden St, Denver, CO 80218 just after 3pm Saturday.

The place was closed up. We waited around for a bit. I tried facebook messaging them. We tried calling. No answer from either, so we decided to look for other breweries in the area.

Coincidently, the new location of A is for Alpine Dog Brewing Company was within walking distance, so we headed over there for a little while.

Alpine Dog closed for quite awhile, so it is good to see them up and running again.

After trying a few beers at Alpine Dog, we were heading back home, but as we passed Crazy Mountain, we saw they were finally open. We decided to go in.

They have a real nice, new, spacious taproom / brewery space. They have a pretty decent selection of beers on tap and really cool looking artwork on the walls.

We didn't have much beer here, but the beer we had was good.

I never asked why they were not open when we stopped by. Their posted hours are Monday thru Saturday 3pm to 10pm and Sunday 12pm to 8pm.

I am assuming whoever was in charge of opening the place was just running late. I have no idea if this is typical or if we were just lucky.

Honestly, this is someplace I'd stop by again if I'm in the area, but I'm probably not going to make a trip specifically to go to Crazy Mountain.

Regardless, we are now done with Round 4 of the A to Z series of posts. I'm not sure if we'll do a Round 5, but I suspect if we do, it will be a little different.

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