Friday, July 14, 2023

Roll-a-Style 10 ... Kellerbier

After Roll-a-Style 13 ... Bière de Garde ... I thought I'd try another Roll-a-Style.

I rolled the Online 20 sided die and rolled ...

10 corresponds to Historical Beer: Kellerbier.

Like Bière de Garde, Kellerbier is another style that I know I've had, but it isn't a style that is typically available. I am not sure I'll be able to find a good example to compare my beer to.

Kellerbier is:
An unfiltered, unpasteurized, fully-attenuated German lager traditionally served from lagering vessels. May be a little richer, more robust, and rustic than the base styles. A fresh beer without fermentation defects associated with young, green (unfinished) beer.
Basically, I guess, a Kellerbier can be based on just about any German Lager, but it unfiltered, unpasteurized and can be more hazy than a the "regular" styles.

To be honest, all my German Lagers have been unfiltered and unpasteurized. They are usually more hazy than "regular" German styles. So, maybe all my homebrewed German-style lagers have actually been Kellerbiers.

I decided to use Helles as my "base" style and came up with the recipe: Helles Won't Kellerbier.

Now that I have picked this style of beer, I moved a style from my "bench" into the #10 slot:

NumberBeer Style
13A. Czech Pale Lager
23C. Czech Amber Lager
35A. German Leichtbier
49C. Baltic Porter
510C. Weizenbock
612C. English IPA
713B. British Brown Ale
814A. Scottish Light
921C. Hazy IPA
10Historical Beer: London Brown Ale
1114C. Scottish Export
1215C. Irish Extra Stout
1328C. Wild Specialty Beer (sort of)
1416A. Sweet Stout
1516C. Tropical Stout
1626C. Belgian Tripel
1716D. Foreign Extra Stout
18Historical Beer: Kentucky Common
1917C. Wee Heavy
2020A. American Porter

My "Bench" now includes:

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