Tuesday, October 20, 2015

G is for Great Frontier Brewing

You may remember that as I was composing the list of Denver breweries that I had not visited, it struck me that most of the letters of the alphabet were covered by the beginning letters of the brewery names.

I started with A ... A is for Alpine Dog Brewing Company

Next up was B ... B is for Baere Brewing Company

After B comes C ... C is for Comrade Brewing Company

Are you recognizing a pattern here? ... D is for Draw, Boggy (I took a little artistic licence to change Boggy Draw into Draw, Boggy)

And then, of course, E ... E is for Epic Brewing Company

After E, I predictably went to F ... F is for Factotum Brewhouse

And for G? What did I pick for G? G is for ...

Mike Plungis, Great Frontier’s Founder and Head Brewer, started out as a homebrewer. This is pretty standard for how the typical small brewery is born.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Brewing the 2015 Autumn Saison

This past Sunday, I brewed my Falling Leaves Autumn Saison.

Falling Leaves is, of course, the Autumn version of my Seasonal Saisons series of beers.

It is an amber, obviously, darker in color than my Spring and Summer Saisons, but lighter in color than my Winter Saison. Most of the color comes from a Dark Munich malt from Gambrinus Malting Corporation, so there isn't any caramel flavor typical of most amber beers. You can think of it as the Oktoberfest of Saisons.

It has a large late-hop addition of Saaz hops giving it a pleasant noble character in the finish.

It is designed to be about 6% ABV, and should finish fairly dry like all Saisons.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Thursday, October 01, 2015

My Wife's Pumpkin Ale

If you follow the SheppyBrew Facebook Page, or my twitter feed, you may have noticed that I posted another article to The Homebrew Academy. 

If you haven't seen it, go take a look. Please Please Please Leave a comment. I want Billy to think it is worth having me "on staff" at his blog.

In the article, I go a little more into detail about making a pie-spice tincture, and how I try to use it to spice the beer "to taste". Again, go read 

Currently, the Will-o-Wisp Pumpkin Ale is in its fermentor waiting to be transferred to secondary at which point I'll add some of the tincture, but most likely less than I'll think I need. After a few days, I'll keg the beer and add more of the spice tincture if I think it needs it.

Every few days I'll add more until we think it is where it should be.

I hope to get the beer into secondary over the next few days. I'm not sure when a keg will open up, but I do think  Chelsea Dagger Pre-Prohibition Lager is about finished.

Again, please go visit My Wife's Pumpkin Ale and leave comments. So far there are only 2. I want to see closer to 20.

Go Bears!