About this Blog

Well, I started this blog in June of 2005 with no real expectation as to what it would become.  I thought maybe I might have some interesting things to say, but it turns out I didn't (don't).  I guess some of the things I write here might be interesting to some people, but for the most part, it is worthless drivel that no one actually cares much about.

There are a select few people (relatives) who get a chance to see the Shepard Boys more than they would otherwise.  I am pretty bad about sending pictures and stuff, but at least I post some from time-to-time here.

If you are interested in Beer, you can read along about some of my homebrewing adventures.  I started home brewing in 2009 and from time to time post little tidbits on how that is going.  Or, you may be interested to see pictures and stories from camping and other outdoor activities that we do.

Occasionally, I'll post something else somewhat interesting to someone. 

If you would like to tell me something, leave a comment or send me an email through the Contact Me Form.

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The postings made by me on this site are my own. They have not been reviewed or approved by any of my employers.


  1. Hope to see you again this year at the GABF.
    I'll be serving beer at the Pacific NW region. Breckenridge will be on the end of my island.
    Text me. Steve "Beer Label Man"

  2. nice blog. I received a Mr Beer kit for Christmas and have just bottled my first batch with another fermenting in the keg. I hope it comes out ok. I feel like I have the "bug" already with this hobby.

  3. Awesome, Mike. Good luck. Being beer is a great hobby.

  4. Awesome, Mike. keep it up bro.......