Monday, February 26, 2024

M is for Monolith Brewing

If I'm counting correctly, as of L is for Locavore Beer Works, I've visited 116 breweries as part of the A to Z Breweries Series of Posts.

Amazingly, most of those have been in the Denver area.

Even more amazingly, there are still tons of breweries in the area left to visit. 

I started with A is for Alpine Dog Brewing Company way back in March of 2015, so I've been doing this for basically 9 years.

9 YEARS! Where has the time gone?!?

And here we are moving on to my newest brewery visit .... as I mentioned in L is for Locavore Beer Works, we had already visited it when L was posted.

Thursday, February 22, 2024

L is for Locavore Beer Works

If you've been following along on the A to Z Breweries Series of Posts, you know we are well into our 5th round of breweries.

We started round 5 with a bike ride to A is for AC Golden Tank Room, and just around a week ago we posted K is for Kodiak Brewery Bar and Grill.

If you have not been following along, check out the other A to Z Breweries Series of Posts, and I'm confident you'll pick up on the concept.

So ... since we finished up K, obviously up next we needed an "L" brewery.

According to the Colorado Brewery Map & List, we actually had quite a few choices for "L" breweries, and last Friday, we picked one out ...

Sunday, February 18, 2024

Spare Rib Coil

So ... Spare Ribs are one of my favorite meals to smoke.

They are easy to find and comparatively inexpensive, and when done right, they are delicious.

Not too long ago, I was watching the BBQ Pit Boys YouTube Channel, and they were doing "St Louis Beer Can Split Ribs".

And then ... a few days after that video, I saw them doing "Crown Pork Ribs the King of Ribs".

When I make Spare Ribs, one issue I have is the amount of space they take up on the grill.

It isn't really a problem when the kids are away (like they are now), and even when they are here, 2 racks is more than enough to feed us all.

But two racks pretty much takes up my whole 26 inch Weber Kettle, and it is a little crowded. I don't have room for anything else.

Thursday, February 15, 2024

K is for Kodiak Brewery Bar and Grill

If you follow this blog at all, you probably know that we are continuing along on our A to Z Breweries Series of Posts.

If you have not been following along, you probably don't care, but real quickly ...

The SheppyBrew Beer Model and I have been visiting (mostly) Denver Area breweries by going through the alphabet, and choosing a brewery that starts with the letter we're on.

We've been through the alphabet 4 times and are on round 5 right now.

Sometimes, we won't have a good option that starts with the letter we're on, so we have to take "artistic license".

We sort of had to cheat like this to get a letter "J" in J is For BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse, and now we're on the letter "K".

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

2024 Mardi Bock (Batch 351)

I brewed in the garage this past (Super Bowl) Sunday.

We got a decent amount of snow again on Saturday, and so the back patio (where I usually like to brew) was covered, and I took advantage of the slightly warmer garage for brew day.

This is my 3rd batch of 2024. It's my 351st batch all-time. This is the 69th time I've brewed in my Anvil Foundry.

After Sunday, I've actually brewed this recipe (with minor tweaks, I'm sure) 4 times.

The day this posts will be Shrove Tuesday, aka Mardi Grad, aka Fat Tuesday, aka the day before Lent, and so it is an appropriate time to brew the  seasonal beer ....

Saturday, February 10, 2024

Snowy Chuck

We got a ridiculous amount of snow last Saturday, and we spent a rare weekend day completely at home.

I smoked a Chuck Roast, kegged my Said Strumpet Czech Pale Lager,  watched the Bradley Braves defeat the lowly Illinois State basketball team (if you can't go to school, go to state), and sampled this year's Arctic Vortex Winter Saison.

And shoveled tons and tons and tons of snow.

I probably did other things too, but those are the highlights.

I kegged the 2024 Arctic Vortex Winter Saison the weekend before, and although I had already sampled it a few times already, Saturday was the day that I poured a fully carbonated pint to drink "for reals".

Thursday, February 08, 2024

#7100MilesIn2024 Progress

As you know if you read #7100MilesIn2024, This year, I set my Strava mileage goal at 7,100 miles and the elevation goal at 319,500 feet.

I promised that I'd report on my progress.


Tuesday, February 06, 2024

J is For BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse

Here we are continuing along on our A to Z Breweries Series of Posts.

When I posted I is for Sanitas Brewing II a couple weeks ago, I mentioned that "J" is going to be another challenge.

The Colorado Brewery Map & List has a fair number of  "J" breweries, but I used all the local ones in previous rounds.

I considered using Jake's Brew Bar, which is close to us, but that isn't a brewery. 

My wife (aka the SheppyBrew Beer Model) thought we could do "J is for Justice, Lady" (Lady Justice), which she has been to but I didn't go to.

Last weekend (as I type this, not as of when it gets posted), we happened to be in Phoenix watching my son play in an Ultimate Frisbee tournament, and we had a decent break for Lunch on the first day.

We ended up at a Phoenix Brewery / Restaurant ...

Sunday, February 04, 2024

French Press

I got a French Press Coffee maker for Christmas.

I drink a lot of coffee. Before the French Press, I only made my coffee with a Keurig machine. Usually with the Biodegradable K-Cups I mentioned quite a few years ago.

I wanted a French Press for a few reasons:

  • I thought it would be convenient to take on trips ... maybe even camping.
  • I wouldn't use so many k-cups, which are more expensive than I think they should be.
  • It seemed like it would be a cool way to make coffee.
  • You can froth milk for lattes (more on this in a later post).

Thursday, February 01, 2024

Said Strumpet Czech Pale Lager (Batch 350)

If you read Roll-a-Style 1 ... 3A. Czech Pale Lager, or follow SheppyBrew on Facebook or Instagram, you knew this was coming ...

I brewed Said Strumpet Czech Pale Lager a couple of weekends ago.

This was my second brew of the year and my 350th batch of beer ever brewed. If I'm counting correctly, it is the 225th unique recipe I've ever brewed.

It is the first Roll-a-Style beer I've brewed in 2024, and will help satisfy my current BJCP Goal.

For whatever reason, my other two Czech-style lagers have names inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean movies (Ello Poppet Czech Pilsner and Scallywag Czech Dark Lager).

So ... continuing on with the naming trend, I named this beer: