Thursday, February 01, 2024

Said Strumpet Czech Pale Lager (Batch 350)

If you read Roll-a-Style 1 ... 3A. Czech Pale Lager, or follow SheppyBrew on Facebook or Instagram, you knew this was coming ...

I brewed Said Strumpet Czech Pale Lager a couple of weekends ago.

This was my second brew of the year and my 350th batch of beer ever brewed. If I'm counting correctly, it is the 225th unique recipe I've ever brewed.

It is the first Roll-a-Style beer I've brewed in 2024, and will help satisfy my current BJCP Goal.

For whatever reason, my other two Czech-style lagers have names inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean movies (Ello Poppet Czech Pilsner and Scallywag Czech Dark Lager).

So ... continuing on with the naming trend, I named this beer:

In the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie. When Jack Sparrow and Will Turner meet and are sword fighting, Jack tells Will:
"You need to find yourself a girl, mate. Or perhaps the reason you practice three hours a day is that you already found one, and are otherwise incapable of wooing said strumpet."
I always thought "Said Strumpet" would be a great beer name, and now I finally used it.

I got started brewing the night before brew day by getting the water prepared and at strike temperature. Right before I went to bed, I put the grains in for an overnight mash.

When I got up, I connected the pump and set the Foundry to heat up to boiling.

20 to 30 minutes later, I drained the malt pipe for a few minutes. Then, I squeezed the bag to get more of the liquid out.

I was boiling around 20 to minutes later.

My pre-boil gravity was a little high, and my volume was a bit low, so I decided to cut the boil by a few minutes, adding the bittering hops a little early.

The boil went as planned. I was chilling before 7:30 AM.

While chilling, I took my shower to get ready to head off to church at 8:00 AM. By the time I was done with my shower, the wort had been chilled to 51 degrees.

So, I went ahead and pumped the wort into my fermenter.

I got the wort transferred in time to head off to church. I left the fermenter out to continue to keep around 50 degrees.

After church, I moved the fermenter to the basement and set up my cooling system, and went to pitch the yeast.

I clumsily spilled about half the pack of yeast. Luckily, I had another dry lager yeast in the fridge I could use. 

Then, I left it alone for the rest of the day. Fermentation started off sometime on Monday. I let it ferment for the first week below 60 degrees and then unplugged the pump to let it finish off at the ambient temperature of my basement.

I'm expecting to keg soon, maybe this coming weekend. I'm really looking forward to having a light-bodied, rich, refreshing, hoppy, bitter pale Czech lager. The 4% abv will be nice to drink several beers in a session.

Can't wait.

Another random tidbit.... remember in A.I. Generated SheppyBrew Logo that I've been playing around with A.I. Generated images. When I put in the text:
pirate woman serving a SheppyBrew brewery "Said Strumpet" : "A lighter-bodied, rich, refreshing, hoppy, bitter pale Czech lager having the familiar flavors of the stronger Czech Premium Pale Lager (Pilsner-type) beer but in a lower alcohol, lighter-bodied, and slightly less intense format."
I get this image:

It is interesting to me that the A.I. switches around text. See how the image says "SheppyBreet Brewwe,y" vs. "SheppyBrew Brewery". I have no idea why it does things like that ... but it is sort of fun.

Anyway ...

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Go Blackhawks!

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