Friday, July 07, 2023

2023 Hail Storm Summer Saison (batch 338)

It is summer, and that means it is time to brew my Summer Seasonal Saison.

We've had a lot of company and the over the last few weeks, and of course we had 2023 Fathers' Day Weekend.

This prevented me from brewing over most of June AND all these visiting people have been drinking my beer.

So .. my beer inventory is lower than usual.

I mentioned in 2023 Q2 Brewing Stats, that my Hail Storm Summer Saison would be the next beer I brewed.

Last Sunday, I did ...

Saturday night, I made a starter of WY3711 yeast I had harvested last time I brewed a Saison.

I thought I was going to do an overnight mash, but Saturday night I was just too tired and went to bed instead.

Instead, I got up early Sunday morning and started the mash with the recirculation pump. Then I went back to bed.

I continued the mash for a few hours until it was time to go to church. Right before leaving, I set the temperature to 180ish for a mash-out.

After returning from church, I drained the mash malt pipe and got the Foundry up to boiling.

The boil went well. 

I ended up a little high on the OG even though I thought my pre-boil gravity was pretty much right on. I wonder if that long mash with the recirculation made my efficiency higher.

Regardless, I got the beer into the fermenter and put it down in my basement. The airlock was bubbling before bedtime.

It has been fermenting since then.

I am looking forward to kegging this and drinking it up. I also brewed another beer between now and then, but you'll have to wait until I post about that one.

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Go Rockies!

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