Friday, July 28, 2023

Tri-tip photos

My grocery store had tri-tips on sale again last week, and I picked some up.

As I've mentioned more than once on this blog, I really like making and eating tri-tips, but I don't see them that often.

Maybe that is changing as this is already the second time I've made them this summer (see Tri-tip). That would be awesome.

The sales was buy-one-get-one-free, so I actually have another nice-sized tri-tip in my freezer that I'll make sometime before the summer is over.

I'm quite certain this will be the only time I've made tri-tips so many times in a season.

Anyway ... If you've read any of my other tri-tip posts, you pretty much know how I make them ...

Apply rub to the meat early in the day.

Get the weber set up for a reverse sear cook about an hour and a half before dinner time. In this case, I used the vortex "upside-down".

In-direct cook the meat until the internal temperature is 110 to 120 / 125ish.

Sear both sides of the meat to get the resulting roast to medium-rare to medium.

Then, simply let the meat rest for 10ish minutes. Slice. Eat. Enjoy.

Sometimes I like to eat the meat on sandwiches, but this time, we all just ate it more like steak bites.

Love it!

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