Saturday, June 10, 2023


While in the grocery store last week, I noticed that Tri-tips were on sale.

I love tri-tip, but hardly ever see them around me, and when it is it usually is too expensive for me to want to purchase it.

So, when I saw them on sale, I had to grab one. In retrospect I wish I would have picked up another ... but oh well ...

This past Sunday, after my Brew Day, I cooked it up.

This was actually a much bigger cut than I've ever had here in Denver, but that just makes it even better.

I added SPG onto the meat early in the day.

When it was time to start getting the grill ready, I set up the Weber Kettle for Reverse Searing

I started at a lower temperature with lots of hickory smoke.

I watched the internal temp. Honestly, it seemed to be progressing about perfectly, which is sort of rare when I cook steak-like beef.

Around 15 or 20 minutes before dinner, the temperature probe read 120ish, which is about perfect to do the sear.

By this time, the charcoal was nice and hot and ready to do the direct grilling.

The meat turned out about perfect. Maybe a bit on the more-done side, but honestly perfect for my family.

Yum! Yum! Yum!

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Go Nuggets!

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