Friday, June 02, 2023

Sandwiches on the Kettle Griddle Plate

So ... I'm a little surprised it hasn't shown up on this blog before, but I have this Hunsaker Smokers Griddle Plate for my 22 inch Weber Kettle.

I got it for a Christmas or birthday (or maybe Father's Day) gift awhile ago.

I use it mostly for smash burgers on the kettle.

When I got it, I thought I'd do breakfast eggs and bacon on it ... but I've yet to try that.

This past weekend, I was using up some of the left over pork butt from the last time I made pulled pork, and I thought I'd use the Griddle Plate for sandwiches.

So, I got myself some peppers and cut them up with onions.

I sliced up the pork.

And cooked it out on the Kettle / Griddle Plate.

I set up the grill with a little over half on a full chimney of fully lit charcoal. The other part was a "cool zone".

I got the veggies started first. Cooked them a bit with a little cooking oil and spices.

When I thought I had the veggies cooked about what seemed right, I moved them to the "cool zone" and started in on the pork.

I got the meat cooked, and combined the veggies into the meat.

Put some cheese on top...

And combined the mixture into hoagie rolls.

It turned out awesome. I wish I had bigger hoagie rolls, but that is ok. I'll have to make this again some time.

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Go Nuggets!

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