Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Tafel Mystère Belgian Single (Batch 336)

Yeah, I've been brewing a lot lately. Contrary to what I keep "saying" on this blog, right now, I'm on track to brew more beer this year than even 2021.

I still believe I'll slow down enough that this year's total will be less than last year's, but as we get farther and farther into the year, it seem increasingly possible that I am wrong about that.

My excuse right now is that my wife's (aka The SheppyBrew Beer Model's) family is coming to visit in June, and I'll need a lot of beer for this group.

Anyway, after finishing off Melting Stream quicker than expected, I thought I needed another batch of beer going.

I had a mason jar of yeast in the fridge that I was fairly sure was Wyeast 1214 Belgian Ale Yeast, but not 100% sure.

I thought I'd use that to make a "Belgium Table Beer".

As Belgium Singles are supposed to be very dry, I used my time-saving technique of overnight mash.

I also designed the beer with a shorter boil than usual.

I was up right at 5 AM, and started my brewing at 5:05 by pulling the grain basket out to drain.

It took about an hour for my 120 volt Foundry to get the wort from mash to boiling.

My pre-boil gravity and volume was pretty much right on plan.

I got everything added to the boil as planned. The OG ended up at 1.043, which was almost perfect.

I had the yeast pitched and the fermenter in the basement a little after 9AM. A 2 hour and 10 minute brew day. I think this is my record.

Of course now I wonder if I can get a brew day down under 2 hours.

Anyway ... the yeast took off before the following day and at this point fermentation is about done. I actually think I'll keg this Saturday.

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Go Nuggets!

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