Monday, May 29, 2023

W is for Westbound & Down (Denver)

I went on a bike ride Saturday morning. I couldn't go on a very long bike ride because the Beer Model (aka my wife ... aka the Pedego Owner) wanted me back so we could go on a bike ride together.

You see ... she wanted to knock off the next brewery on our  A to Z Breweries series of posts.

As I mentioned in V is for Very Nice Brewing Company, The Colorado Brewery List actually has a couple choices for "W".

I had on in particular in mind, but I was open to suggestions.

Regardless, the Beer Model liked the brewery I was thinking of, and thought she could make the bike ride.

Westbound & Down started in Idaho Springs, but as they grew they didn't have enough capacity in the little town.

They ended up opening a bigger brewery and pizzeria in Lafayette, CO as their main production / packaging facility.

And ... then a tiny little tasting room in Downtown Denver, which is the best bike - riding distance for the three spots.

This Denver spot is located in Free Market in the alleyway of Downtown Denver’s Dairy Block. 1801 Blake Street Denver, CO 80202.

We packed a lunch and jumped on our bikes.

It was a gorgeous day for a bike ride, about 16 miles for us down the Bear Creek and then Platte River trails to downtown.

We had never been to the Free Market and it took us a little to find the little tasting room, but eventually we got there.

They don't serve flights here, and in fact the bar tender had no idea what I was asking when I asked about them.

But we've had most of their beers before, so pints were fine.

We had a couple of pilsners and I had a hazy IPA. All beers were great.

Their Italian Pilsner is, in fact, one of my favorite commercial beers right now.

So we had our beers and lunch in the cool little alley-way outdoor seating.

And then got back on our bikes for the ride home.

It is a great little lodo location if you're in the area and want a beer or two.

Next up, of course, "X".

According to The Colorado Brewery List ... there aren't really any "X" breweries, so we'll be taking a little "artistic" license. But there is at least one brewery that isn't too far a reach.

And ... you'll find out what that is when we post the next article in Sheppy's Blog: A to Z

Go Nuggets!

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