Saturday, May 27, 2023

T.Ra.Sh. Light Mexican Lager (batch 335)

I had a rare Friday brew day yesterday. 

We actually will be having a few sets of visitors coming by in the next few weeks, so I need to make sure we have plenty of beer to serve.

And ... it being a long weekend, the CEO of the company I work for told us to take off early ... so I used some of the extra time to brew.

I'm actually planning on brewing another batch tomorrow or Monday.

That should get me caught up, but we'll see how much the Beer Model's family wipes out my inventory.

Anyway ... The beer I brewed yesterday was ...

Luckily, on Thursday, I actually made a starter out of the yeast I had harvested from Captain Serious.

I didn't prep the water the night before like I usually do, which delayed my start a little, but I hardly noticed because I did do some work while waiting for water to heat.

It's actually not a bad way to do a brew day.

The batch was a little bigger than I usually make in the Foundry. I'll have extra to put into a gallon growler.

Before I make this again, I'll want to make the batch size smaller again, but it works out this time.

And ... my efficiency was a bit higher than usual, so I had a pre-boil gravity a bit high. To compensate, I boiled 50 minutes instead of 60. 

My OG turned out perfect.

I'm doing another lager pressure fermentation. I'm sure I'll probably report on how this transfer goes.

Stay tuned ...

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Go Nuggets!

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