Wednesday, May 10, 2023

2023 Big Brew Day ... Summer Lovin

So ... this past Saturday was the AHA's Big Brew Day.

This is one of those days that my brewing buddies and I try to get together to brew.

This time, my friend "Doc" wanted to host, so I headed over to "Doc's Brewery".

Travel Brewing is always a different experience than my typical brew day. I have to keep my recipe as simple as possible and always accept that I might be distracted enough that the beer might not turn out as planned.

A big part of it is that I don't typically drink while brewing unless the Beer Model makes me.

But, on these Travel Brewing I have to try the beers from both the host and the others who always bring growlers.

One of the things I typically do ... at least if I'm brewing all-grain ... is start my mash at home and let it go through the drive over to whoever is hosting.

My chosen recipe this time was our world famous "Summer Lovin' Wheat". I got the mash started about an hour before I expected to arrive at Doc's Brewery.

I got all my stuff, including the mash packed up and ready to go based on my Traveling Brew Checklist.

Other than "Doc", the Beer Model were the first to arrive, and he had not really gotten started yet, so I had a head-start on the other brewers.

This was good, because I had to give his beers a try before getting too far into the brew day.

It wasn't too long before others starting arriving, and of course I had other beers to try, including quite a few from last time this group was together.

My friend "Du" even brought a growler of New Belgium's La Folie, which was a pleasant surprise.

Brew day went pretty well.  The Beer Model actually did most of the boil additions and I think she got them all in at the right times.

Because of my head-start, I was the first to be chilling.

Somehow, The Beer Model and I were also the last to leave.

It was a really fun day. In addition to us brewers, a few of "Doc's" friends and neighbors dropped by to try beers.

We had brats for lunch.

We were home for dinner, which was some of the Easter Brisket that I had frozen. I put it in the crock pot at home when we left and it was ready to go when we got home.

Such a convenient way to prepare a meal when you'll be gone all day. 

Fermentation was going strong by the time I got up on Sunday. It has been going strong since then. I'm not sure when I'll keg this beer, but I'm sure it will be soon.

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Go Nuggets!

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