Friday, November 13, 2020

Traveling Brew Checklist

 Remember in Lithuanian Autumn Ale (Batch 270), I mentioned that I actually spent the time to make a checklist to help remember what to bring along with me when I travel to other Home Breweries to brew.

Here is that List:

  • 5 gallon BB P.E.T. Carboy with air lock and Star San. (x 2)
  • Brew kettles and measuring stick. 
  • Propane and burner
  • Brew Bucket 
  • Mash and Kettle hoses
  • Mash paddle 
  • Metal spoon
  • Star San spray bottle
  • Floating thermometer 
  • Whirlfloc
  • Fermcap
  • Refractometer 
  • Small bowl
  • Mash tun
  • Grains / hops / etc ...
  • Wort chiller (if host doesn't have one for me to use)
  • Beer
I think this is all I brought. I may add to this list if I come up with other things I may need.

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