Sunday, November 01, 2020

Groovy Guy Gifts: Viking Beer Horn

As I mentioned in Groovy Guy Gifts: Louisville Chugger ... my buddy "Joe" recently sent me a couple of items from the Groovy Guy Gifts website. 

In addition to the Louisville Chugger, he kindly sent me a Viking Beer Horn.

I thought the  Viking Vessel looked completely bad-ass. Really really cool looking. 

 Description from the website: 
"To drink like a true Viking, one must be equipped with a suitable vessel.  To be welcome at the grandest tables of Valhalla, it would be unacceptable to be without the proper goblet.  Fill your man with testosterone as he takes a gulp out of this Viking beer horn that groans with muscle.  Be forewarned, as getting your guy a beer horn leads to an urge to sack and conquer.

The Viking Vessel is 16 ounces of drinking muscle, featuring a classic Viking horn shape and a rustic, sturdy wooden stand.  It comes with a leather strap for a tight grip and engraved with a classic Viking knot.  This Viking beer horn is a unique men's gift idea that adds diversity to any Man Cave.  And when you personalize it for him, he'll feel as proud as Erik the Red after pillaging a small village for their gold. "

It's certainly fun.

I "attended" a virtual zoom Halloween / Happy Hour party in which I drank beer from the horn. I could tell that my coworkers were jealous of this glassware. 

It made me look way more awesome than I actually am.

I like to imagine I'm a Viking, and this glass certainly plays into that fantasy. 

The glass come customized with an initial. I picked "S" for "SheppyBrew". I would have preferred to be able to add more letters, but the "S" is still a nice touch.

Like all the products on Groovy Guy Gifts, it makes for a great groomsman gift.

The glass itself is nice and substantial. It is thicker than your typical drinking glass. 

Of course, the shape of the glass doesn't allow for simply setting the glass down. You need to have the wooden stand to put your drink down.

But really ... should you be putting your drink down?

And ... the Viking Vessel is absolutely bad-ass looking. This is an awesome groomsman gift. 

Do me a favor and check out Groovy Guy Gifts.

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And ... as always ... Go Bears. Be well. Be safe. Be healthy. 

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