Friday, May 19, 2023

Captain Serious Pressure Transfer

Well ... I've finally gotten a pressure transfer to work.

It happened slower than I would have liked, and I still wish there was a way to know where the level of the beer in the keg was, but at least I got Captain Serious Pilsner into the keg from a pressurized fermenter.

So, I pressure fermented Captain Serious Pilsner (Batch 333).

Four days into the fermentation, I dry hopped the beer by pulling sous vide magnets that were attached to hop bags in the fermenter.

That worked really slick.

As I mentioned, in previous posts, I didn't ferment at as high a pressure this time. By the time I was ready to keg, the beer was at 10psi.

I attached my tubing from the ball lock beer-out on the fermenter to the beer ball lock on the keg.

It seemed like mostly foam, but that may have been an optical allusion. 

It took much longer than "traditional" gravity feeding, and that was even more annoying because I had planned my kegging session at a time when I needed to be done by a certain time.

I got done "in time", but next time I'll pick a time to start when I don't have something else going on in the next hour or so.

I did connect the CO2 tank to the gas post more than I would have ideally liked, but I guess that's ok.

I thought I had probably short filled the keg, but when I added gelatin a few days later, I discovered that the fill was pretty much perfect.

I think I might get a scale to give me a more accurate sense of how full the keg is.

I've actually had a few Captain Serious Pilsners, and I am really pleased with the dry hopped flavor. This is an awesome beer.

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Go Nuggets!

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