Thursday, May 04, 2023

V is for Very Nice Brewing Company

It was less than a year ago that we started our 4th round of our A to Z Breweries series of posts.

And ... we had to cheat a little for "U", but last week we knocked it out with U is for BlUe SprUce Brewing Company.

It blows my mind that we are already up to "V" in this round.

After this post, we only have 4 more to go to get through the end of the alphabet.


As I mentioned in U is for BlUe SprUce Brewing Company, I had a "V" brewery in mind but wasn't sure the Beer Model would be willing to make the trip.

As it turns out, she was ok with the brewery I had in mind ... 

Very Nice Brewing Company is located in beautiful Nederland, Colorado .. about an hour scenic drive from where we live.

20 Lakeview Dr #112, Nederland, CO 80466

It is a tiny little brewery in a tiny little foothills town North - West-ish of Boulder, Colorado.

Every time we've been there they seem to be fairly busy, so it seems to be a popular destination for locals and visitors to the town.

They have a pretty decent variety of beer on tap as you can see on their "Our Beers" page of their website.

We got a flight of 6 and then a flight of 4 beers while we were there.

They don't serve food at the brewery, but there are a number of restaurants in the same shopping center including Backcountry Pizza right above them.

We packed in a lunch to eat with our beers, but we've had Backcountry Pizza before and really enjoyed it.

Both Susan and Jeff were behind the bar helping us out. Jeff was very talkative about brewing, which is great for a homebrewer such as myself.

We liked all the beers we sampled.

And now ... W, X, Y, Z ... and we're done. I'm not sure if we will start a "Round 5" of the A to Z Breweries project. I guess we'll figure that out once we visit 4 more breweries to finish up Round 4.

Next up, of course, "W".

According to The Colorado Brewery List ... we actually have a couple choices for "W". I know which one I'd like to visit, but we'll see if the Beer Model overrides me.

And ... you'll find out when we post the next article in Sheppy's Blog: A to Z

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