Thursday, April 27, 2023

U is for BlUe SprUce Brewing Company

It wasn't too long ago that I posted T is for Tommyknocker Brewery.

Of course if you're familiar with our  A to Z Denver Breweries series of posts, you know that next up comes "U".

Even if you're not familiar ... it isn't really all that difficult to figure out.

You see ... Back in early 2015, I composed a list Denver Breweries that I had not visited (see Denver Breweries II). As I was composing the list, I realized that most of the letters in the alphabet were covered by the first letters in these brewery names.

I started with A ... A is for Alpine Dog Brewing Company .. and worked my way through the alphabet.

We're on our 4th round of the alphabet ... almost done ... we're up to "U".

Anyway ... there are no "U" breweries on The Colorado Brewery List.

There are a couple in Boulder and one in Colorado Springs, but the Beer Model didn't want to make that sort of trip and she decided to suggest "an artistic license brewery".

Yeah ... I don't feel real good about this one ... but we've stretched the "artistic license" more shamelessly before ... so ... yeah.

BlUe SprUce Brewing has two locations. The one we went to is in Centennial Colorado at 4151 E County Line Rd Unit G.

We actually go to the one in Littleton quite a bit so we've had most of their beers.

Their beer and food is very good.

I completely endorse either location for a good meal and beers.

And ... so ... "V".

V is another tough one. I have a brewery that I'd like to use for our "V" brewery, but if the Beer Model didn't want to make the trip to Boulder, she most likely won't want to go the "V" brewery I have in mind.

So ... stay tuned on A to Z Breweries the and see what ridiculous "artistic license" the Beer Model comes up with next ...

Go Avalanche!

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