Monday, April 24, 2023

2023 Melting Stream Spring Saison (Batch 332)

It is springtime here in the front range of the Rocky Mountains.

Here, that means it gets warm, melting snow ... followed by getting cold and making more snow.

Followed by warm weather snow melts. Followed by cold and snow.


My Spring Seasonal Saison is called "Melting Stream", which is what jumps out to me as the image I most associate with Colorado spring time.

Yesterday, I brewed this beer. Interestingly enough, I also made Spare Ribs.

I didn't plan this, but apparently I made spare ribs when I brewed my 2021 Melting Stream and my 2022 Melting Stream.

Well ... ok ... maybe it isn't THAT interesting, but I thought it was sort of note worthy.

I actually started brewing the beer on Saturday, making a yeast starter from the yeast I harvested from the last batch of the Winter Saison.

I also prepared the water and actually started the mash Saturday right before I went to bed for my typical overnight mash.

So ... when I got up early Sunday morning ... I gave the grains a stir, pulled the malt pipe up, and let the wort drain while heating the Foundry to boiling.

My 120 Volt Foundry takes about an hour to heat from over-night mash temperature to boiling.

It would be nice to have a 220 volt outlet, but not nice enough that I want to spend the money (and lose the ability to brew in multiple spots.)

Anyway ... the pre-boil gravity and volume was pretty much right on plan, and everything went as expected.

I was done before 7am ... exactly 2.5 hours from the time I started Sunday morning to the time I had the fermenter in its spot in the basement.

At some point, I got magnets with the intention of using them to attach hop bags on the inside of fermenters to allow me to dry hop without opening the fermenter.

As this beer is dry-hopped, I used this system for the first time.

With the starter the fermentation was going strong by early afternoon. It looks like the kraussen is going to overtake the hop bags.

Not what I planned, but it's ok.

After my brew day, we went to church. Then I got a nice bike ride in. 

And ... of course I made ribs. They (as always) turned out spectacular.

Of course I'm looking forward to drinking the Spring Saison in the Spring weather. Can't wait.

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Go Nuggets!

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