Wednesday, January 18, 2023

2023 Arctic Vortex and Chucky

One thing you can pretty much count on at the SheppyBrew Brewery ... we'll brew 4 Saisons a year.

Winter / Spring / Summer / Autumn

I started brewing these Seasonal Saisons way back in early 2014 with Brewing Arctic Vortex Black Saison.

I skipped a Spring Saison that year, but followed up with Hail Storm Summer Saison and then Falling Leaves Harvest (Autumn) Saison.

And ... other than missing that Spring Saison of 2014, every season I've brewed the Seasonal Saison appropriate for the time of year.

It being January and winter, it is, of course, time for our Winter Seasonal Saison ...

I brewed it last Sunday.

I had issues the night before with my Anvil Foundry, so Sunday I went back to my old gott-cooler / propane burner brew equipment. Not a big deal, although I hope I'm able to figure out my problem with the Foundry.

This does mean, I wasn't able to do an overnight mash (which I was planning) or even heat up my strike water to be ready to go when I got up.

I also started a little later than usual ... not really getting started until about 5:30.

But that is ok.

I also smoked a Chuck Roast so we could have shredded beef sandwiches for dinner.

Brewing and BBQ ... just what Sunday was made for.

Everything went fine with the "old" equipment and process. It was nice having the boil start up so much quicker.

And the Chuck Roast with the smoke smelled so GUUUD.

The beer was in the fermentor and the yeast pitched around 9AM and everything was cleaned up before 9:30.

About the same as most of brew days usually.

The beef was fantastic. 

I even got a pretty good bike ride in before watching Wild Card Football games.

I saw signs of fermentation before bedtime and the beer was going strong by the next morning. 

I am looking forward to kegging this up and drinking it.  YUM.

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Go Blackhawks! 

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