Saturday, January 07, 2023

2022 #Strava #YearInSport

If you've been following along on Sheppy's Blog: Strava, you know that I passed 6,000 miles and 290,032 feet climbed on my bike in 2022.

According to Strava, I totaled 6,086.8 miles and 298,780 feet climbed. Not bad, although in 2021, I totaled more (6,216.4 miles and 326,749 feet climbed).

In addition to biking, I also use Strava to track hikes and some other activities. Just like last yearStrava gave me a "Year in Sport" summary of my 2022 totals.

In case you're curious, I was "active" on Strava 300 days in 2022 (same as 2021). I climbed a total of 313,311 feet (down from 343,831 in 2021), and traveled 6,669 miles (down from 6,874)

I was significantly up in all metrics from 2020, but I might be tracking more walks etc than I did way back then.

Obviously, like last year, my most active month was September when I did the Great Cycle Challenge.

I'm sure all of this is more interesting to me than anyone reading this. But I think these stats are pretty cool to see.

I do wish Strava published more of the same pictures they did last year to add some more information, but not a huge deal.

In 2023, I've decided to increase my goals to match what I hit in 2021. We'll see if I can accomplish this. At the moment that I'm typing this, I'm behind 12.4 miles and 1,791 feet to hit the goals, but it is extremely early and it has been pretty snowy here in the Denver area.

Keep an eye on Sheppy's Blog: Strava, and you'll see how I progress through the year.

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Go Blackhawks!

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