Saturday, January 01, 2022

#Strava #YearInSport

Well, 2021 is over. 

If you followed this blog over the year, you know I accomplished my #10EverestsIn2021 goal. As of mid-November, I passed 300,000 feet in 2021.

And ... since that time, I've ridden more, and passed my 11th Everest of 2021. 11 x 29,032 = 319,352.

According to Strava, I climbed over 324,000 feet on my bicycles over the year.

I've also biked over 6,160 miles over the year. 

Not too bad for an old couch potato.

Strava posted its 2021 #YearInSport totals, which includes all activities that I recorded on Strava during the year. 

Most of my activities were biking, but I also hiked, walked, and kayaked.

Total, I ended up with 6,874 miles with 343,831 feet climbed. I was "active" (aka I recorded an activity) 300 days. I had 635 hours of activity.

I think that is quite a bit of activity. Certainly more than I've ever done. There are absolutely lots of people who've done more, but I'm pretty proud of my totals.

Not surprisingly, my most active month by far was September, when I did the Great Cycle Challenge

For 2022, I don't know if I'll come up with another "official" goal like #10EverestsIn2021 or #5000MilesIn2020. And if I do, I certainly don't know what it will be.

I do think I'll leave my yearly elevation and distance goals the same as 2021.

Feel free to follow along on Sheppy's Blog: Strava to see how I do. 

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Happy New Year, Everyone.

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