Tuesday, January 04, 2022

SheppyBrew 2021 Year-End Brewing Stats

As I type this, 2021 is almost over. I'm not brewing again before 2022, so I can report on my brewing stats for the 4th quarter and for year end.

I brewed quite a bit of beer in 2021. Not nearly as much as 2020, but significantly more than any other year in my brewing "career".

In the 4th quarter this year, I only brewed 5 batches of beer.

Mr. Awesome Merican Lager

These 5 beers brought my 2021 total to 27 batches.

They added 25 gallons of beer in the 4th quarter, bringing my total to 140 gallons for 2021.

Last year, I brewed 161 gallons. In 2019, my total was 110 gallons. So, while I didn't brew nearly as much as I brewed last year, it was still a bunch of beer. 

And, for legal reasons, this is the point of the blog post where I mention that the SheppyBrew Beer Model helped me brew a bunch this year.

Caliente Fuerte Mexican Stout

Of the 5 batches of beer, 4 of them were new recipes (Mr. AwesomeCaliente FuerteDudocsX-Mas Ale). I had only brewed 3 new recipes the rest of the year, as I was purposely exploring older recipes.

So, I only brewed 7 new recipes in 2021, which is a whole lot less new stuff than ever brewed before. For comparison, 2020 included 18 new recipes.

2 of these 4th quarter batches were lagers (Mr. AwesomeDecemberfest), bringing my 2021 lager total up to 10. I think this is the most lager batches I've ever brewed in a year. I brewed 7 in 2020, which is also quite a few for me.

All of my recipes were all-grain again this year.


Dudocs Dark Mild

Caliente Fuerte Mexican Stout was an addition to my Homebrew Colorado 6 Pack project. I still have one more to go according to Updating the Homebrew Colorado 6 pack.

As I mentioned  last year, although I purchased the Anvil Foundry, I kept my old brewing equipment, and I actually used it this past quarter some. I did hybrid brews on Caliente FuerteDudocs, and X-Mas Ale where I used my old mash tun, but still boiled in the Foundry.

I still think brewing in the Foundry will be my normal process, but I will continue to use the old equipment when I think it makes sense.

X-Mas Ale 2021 brew day

I can't think of anything else to say about brewing in 2021. I don't think I'll brew as much in 2022, but I guess we'll all see what 2022 brings.

I do expect that I'll continue to do more lagers in 2022. I think I'll brew more new recipes next year than I did this year, but I'm not sure.

Decemberfest Lager brew day

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Happy Brew Year everyone.

Go Blackhawks!

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