Thursday, October 01, 2020

X is for Mad Jack's [JaX] Mountain Brewery

Before I go too far .... I'm just going to say ... this was completely the SheppyBrew Beer Model's idea.

I agreed because ... well ... you know ... Happy Wife. Happy Life.

Blame her. Not me.

We didn't have any local "X" breweries. 

Even last time around, we cheated (errr ... I mean we took artistic liberties) with X is for WestFaX Brewing Company.

The SheppyBrew Beer Model suggested we head over to Bailey, Colorado and use Mad Jack's Mountain Brewery as our "X" brewery.


Does  Mad Jack's Mountain Brewery start with "X"?


Does  Mad Jack's Mountain Brewery have an "X" in it?


Her logic was that Mad Jack's sounds like it could have an "X" in it. "In the blog post", she said, "you can spell it J A X".

Yes. She actually said that.

I had another brewery in mind ... but what the hell ... we've been past Mad Jack's Mountain Brewery, but never stopped in. It being their Oktoberfest celebration and the fact that I had interest in stopping in.

Why not.

So ... 

Mad Jack's Mountain Brewery is located in Bailey, CO, right off 285 in a nice little mountain shack of a brewery.

They had pretzels brats and other sausages for Oktoberfest.

They have a pretty decent beer garden, and we were able to get seats by a little fire pit. Bailey, CO is an awesome little mountain town.

Of course we had to try their Marzen. Between the two of us we also tried their Pale Ale and IPA.

Their beer was good. The Oktoberfest was fun. I'm glad we stopped in.

So, after "X" comes "Y".

What will we pick? I honestly don't know. I just hope we have a better tie to "Y" than we did to "X".

Stay tuned ... we'll find out together.

Keep an eye on Sheppy's Blog: A to Z to find out what we pick.

Go Bears.

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