Thursday, October 22, 2020

Z is for Zuni Street Brewing Company (again)

Ok. Yes. 

I already did Z is for Zuni Street Brewing Company.

After Y is for Over Yonder Brewing Company, the Beer Model and were thinking about "Z" breweries last weekend.

As far as I know ... there are not any breweries in the Denver area that start with the letter "Z" other than Zuni Street Brewing Company.

There are a couple breweries that have the letter Z in their name, but Saturday was such a beautiful day, we thought we should take a bike ride. 

I didn't think she would like the busy roads we'd have to ride on to get to those.

Zuni Street Brewing Company is a fairly convenient location for bicycling. From our house, we can get within a mile or two on bike paths and the rest of the way on bike-friendly city roads.

Last time I went to Zuni Street Brewing Company without the Beer Model, and she convinced me that we should be able to use it as our "Z" brewery again because she had never been.

Well ... ok. 

So, we packed a lunch Saturday and got on our bikes. The ride is about 20 miles, and took us a little over an hour. As I mentioned before, most of the ride is on bike paths. 

This is a great location and they have plenty of seating outside both in the front and in the back. Inside of the tap room is also fairly spacious. It is a beautiful tap room.

While there, between us, we had:
  • St. Stephen’s Oktoberfest ... 5.1% Traditional Bavarian Marzen Lager
  • Goldberry Ale ... American Wheat Ale brewed with strawberries, raspberries and chamomile.
  • Wilhelm’s Schwarz ... A smooth 4.5% German Black Lager
  • New Denver Haze ... 6.9% cloudy IPA with heavy Galaxy use. 
  • Cold Queen Kolsch ... Crisp German Ale that drinks like a Lager
  • Maggie Jane ... 4.3% Belgian Single brewed with tangerine, lemon, and key lime.

We brought a lunch, but there was a food truck we could have ordered food from. They seem to be well covered with food trucks.

You can check out their food truck schedule on their website.

There are also a few restaurants in the area where you can order for delivery or pickup.

If you find yourself in the area around 29th and Zuni, stop in. The address is:

2355 W. 29TH AVE
DENVER, CO 80211

The ride home was pretty awesome.

So ... I've made my way through local breweries A to Z twice. Pretty cool, right?

There are still plenty of breweries in the Denver area. I will start with round 3 soon. Stay tuned for "A".

Keep an eye on Sheppy's Blog: A to Z to find out how round 3 goes.

Go Bears!

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