Thursday, October 08, 2020

Y is for Over Yonder Brewing Company

As you know if you follow this blog, I am in the process of working my way through local breweries alphabetically.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, take a look at Sheppy's Blog: A to Z ... and I think you'll get the idea.

After the complete debacle of X is for Mad Jack's [JaX] Mountain Brewery, I thought I should redeem myself fairly quickly with a "Y" brewery.

Even though it wasn't my fault. That was all the Beer Model's doing.

Luckily, she's extremely attractive, and so people are able to overlook these sort of things.

This past Saturday, we went on a hike in the foothills over Golden, Colorado. After the hike, we stopped by Golden's 

Y is for Over Yonder Brewing Company.

I ridden my bike past this brewery several times, and thought I should stop by. If you're familiar at all with West of Denver, you know that just off I70 on the way to the mountain, there are quite a few park-n-rides.

This particular brewery is in a little strip mall type area right by one of those park-n-rides.

Great stopping off location coming back from the Colorado Mountains.

Or .. in our case .. coming back from a hike over Golden, Colorado.

Officially, the address is 18455 W Colfax Avenue #103 Golden, CO 80401.

Practically speaking ... you can see it from either the Wooley Mammoth or T-Rex Park-n-Rides off I70 West of Denver.

It is a shiny new brewery. I think they opened mid-2019 ... so it hasn't been open that long.

A bonus ... both the tap room bartenders are Bears / Blackhawks fans.

The tap room is nice. There is a decent amount of both outdoor and indoor seating ... even with the social distancing rules.

Between the two of us we had:

  • Window Appointment Pale Ale -
    A solid 5.6% ABV American Pale Ale brewed with Columbus, Amarillo, Simcoe, and Citra hops. Flavorful notes of citrus, honeydew and pine.
  • Half Moon Illusion Belgian Golden Ale -
    5% Belgian Golden Ale with cocoa nibs and vanilla. Cocoa nibs are energetic and bold in the aroma and taste with dabs of vanilla in the flavor. Tasteful and playful on your senses, and perhaps makes you think of a waning gibbous phase.
  • Citranade American IPA -
    Single hop American IPA brewed with oats and Citra hops. Fruity citrus aroma and flavor followed with a malty backbone.
  • S > S > S > S > Saison Farmhouse Ale -
    A classic Belgian Saison Style. Named after the brewer and co-founder Jason’s first Phish show, the “S” show, where every song started with the letter S. Clove and pepper character from the farmhouse yeast. Citrus and spice coming from generous late kettle and dry hop additions of Saaz hops. Dry, crisp, and refreshing.
  • Muffin Top Blueberry Vanilla Cream Ale -
    4.2% ABV Cream Ale with over two pounds per gallon of blueberry pureƩ. Vanilla was also added for that freshly baked in flavor.

They had quite a few more beers, and seem to do a good job of keeping there beer list up-to-date, so if you're interested in seeing what else they have ... check out their Beer Menu on their website.

We like the beers we had. Muffin Top was our least favorite. S > S > S > S > Saison was my favorite. All of them were well-made.

So ... if you find yourself in the area around I70 between Golden and Morrison ... check them out.

Currently, their Taproom & To-Go Hours are:

Monday - Thursday: 2pm–8pm
Friday: 2pm-9pm
Saturday: noon-9pm
Sunday: noon–8pm

And ... we're almost done .. Do you know what comes after "Y"?

"Z" comes next. Big "Z" little "z" ... what begins with "Z"?

Keep an eye on Sheppy's Blog: A to Z to find out.

Go Bears!

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