Monday, October 19, 2020

Groovy Guy Gifts: Louisville Chugger

 Do you remember Groovy Guy Gifts? Groovy Guy Gifts from Groovy Guy Gifts: Big Slug Mug?

Joe at Groovy Guy Gifts got back in touch wondering if I'd be interested in to try out anything else from the Groovy Guy Gifts website.

I responded, "Yes, I would be interested".

He mentioned that the site was promoting:

I thought I would like to give the Louisville Chugger a try. So, I had Joe ship me one.

The Louisville Chugger is basically a wooden mug shaped like the barrel of a baseball bat. 
"This mug will have baseball players, fans, and coaches of all ages really love the experience of drinking straight from the barrel of a baseball bat."
The color can be customized "Natural", "Cherry", or "Mahogany". I chose Cherry.

You can personalize the "bat" with 3 lines of text (up to 25 characters per line), and pick between 5 font colors. I chose black.

Home Brewery

I received my shipment early last week, and have been using it a few times.

I think the mug is pretty awesome looking. I am absolutely sure any guy would think this is a bad-ass groomsman gift (or just about any kind of gift).

One of the reasons I wanted to check this one out is that I have tons of glassware to drink beer with, but sometimes I would like something that doesn't shatter dangerously when accidentally dropped on my patio.

Don't ask me why that came to my mind.

I couldn't bring myself to do a drop-test, but I trust that it is less likely to shatter on my patio if dropped.

As the website says, the mug holds 12 oz of liquid, which is a standard bottle or can of beer.

It does indeed hold 12 oz of liquid. I will mention that a beverage that foams (such as beer) will not fit a whole 12 oz can of beer in one pour unless you're really careful about pouring without foam.

This isn't much of a negative for me, since I will use it mostly poured from kegs, but it might be a bit annoying to have a little left over in the can that won't fit in one pour.

At first, there was a little wood aroma coming off while drinking, but I don't notice it much now that it has been washed a few times.

It should be hand washed. Don't put it in the dishwasher. Again, this is fine for me. I don't like any of my glassware that I drink beer from to go into the dishwasher.

Overall, I am pleased to have this  Louisville Chugger. I think I will use it a bunch while on or around the back patio or working on my bike in the garage. 

As I mentioned before, I think any guy would love to get this as a personalized gift. I consider this a perfect groomsman gift.

Do me a favor and check out Groovy Guy Gifts.

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I did get another gift from Groovy Guy Gifts that I'll post about in a few days. Stay tuned on Sheppy's Blog: Groovy Guy to find out what that is.

Take care and be healthy everyone. Go Bears!

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