Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Dubble Minor at Du's Brewery

Well ... damn ... in SheppyBrew 2022 Year End Brewing Stats, I mentioned that I would probably brew less this year than I have for the past few "covid" years.

But, as of now, I'm on track to brew 160 gallons, which is about as much as I brewed in 2020.

Despite evidence to the contrary, I do still think my 2023 totals will be down. It's still early in the year.

But, for now, I'm brewing a bunch.

I brewed this past weekend, because my friend "Du" invited my friend "Doc" and me to his house in Ft. Collins.

It would have been rude to say "no". So ... on Saturday, I traveled to brew a new recipe ... 

Dubbel Minor

Dubbel Minor is a Belgium Dubbel that I designed to use the yeast I harvested from Doodle Bop Belgium Single (batch 328).

On Friday, I used my foundry to heat strike water overnight so that I could start my mash in my old Gott Cooler during the drive up to Ft. Collins.

Then, I packed up my stuff.

I used my Traveling Brew Checklist, but still somehow I forgot a couple of important things. Luckily, my friend "Doc" had my back. I'm glad he came up too.

The brew day went well. I pretty much hit my numbers, and The Beer Model remembered to add things when they needed to be added.

Du also made fantastic ribs for us to eat for lunch.

When I do these "Travel" brew days, I split the wort into 2 fermentors to reduce the chance that while driving the wort will spill while jostling around.

Usually, I wait until I get home to pitch the yeast, but we actually stayed the night up in Ft. Collins, and I didn't want to wait that long to pitch.

So, fermentation actually started in a hotel room.

Since we were staying the night .. The Beer Model and I joined Du to visit a local brewery ... Zwei Brewing.

They make some really good German style beers.

And ... Sunday we headed home. At home I combined the fermentors into one. Fermentation has been going well.

I'll keg in a couple of weeks. It should be a nice beer.

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Go Blackhawks!

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