Monday, February 06, 2023

Fixing the Foundry

As I mentioned in 2023 Arctic Vortex and Chucky and Doodle Bop Belgium Single (batch 328), my Anvil Foundry had an issue. 

It stopped working. It would not power on.

This is not ideal. In fact, it really made me sad. 

I'm well past the warranty, so I had to fix it. I really missed having the Electric Brewing capabilities on my Doodle Bop Belgium Single (batch 328) brew day.

According to my records, I've brewed 48 batches of beer on this thing. When it works, I really like it.

I don't remember what I paid for it. Currently according to the Anvil Foundry it costs $425. I know I paid less than that, but let's use that cost ....

My first brew on the Foundry was Bud Lite Lime (271) on the Anvil Foundry on 11/1/2020. I discovered that it didn't work on 1/15/2023.

If I assume the $425, it means I paid 53 cents per day for the Foundry. That doesn't sound too bad.

I've brewed 48 batches of beer on the Foundry (although I did use it even on a couple of other brew days). Again, assuming the $425 that it costs now ... I paid $8.85 per batch. That is basically a pack of liquid yeast per brew day.

That doesn't seem worth having the fancy system.

Luckily, Anvil sells replacement parts.

With a Volt / Ohm Meter, I was able to determine that the power switch was not working. I was also able to determine that the Circuit Breaker was not a problem.

So ... I knew I needed a new switch, and I ordered one via Anvils website (I checked with my favorite LHBS to see if they carried replacement parts, but of course they did not).

I almost ordered a mother board as well, just in case (and to avoid paying almost as much for shipping as for what I was ordering), but decided not to.

As it turns out, I chose wisely.

Last Wednesday, the switch arrived.

I removed the old one. I installed the new one. And plugged the unit in.

When I moved the switch to on, the Foundry powered on.


Just for piece of mind, I made sure that the Foundry would heat water up to mash temperature.

It did.


So ... next time I brew, I will be using my Anvil Foundry again. Hurray!

While on the Anvil website ... looking for things other than the Mother Board I might want to tack onto the order to help make shipping costs seem more worth it.

I found something ... and made an impulse purchase ...

Stay tuned on  Sheppy's Blog: Anvil and you'll see what I bought ... 

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Go Eagles! (whoever is playing the Chefs)

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