Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Ginger Kombucha

Since Sauerkraut Yogurt Kombucha in 2023, I've pretty regularly been "brewing" up kombucha.

I've brewed 4 batches this year. 2 green tea and 2 black tea. 

One of those black tea batches is currently carbonating with Black Cherry Pomegranate juice right now.

One of those green tea batches is in the kombucha jar right now, fermenting.


For my other green tea batch, I decided to try adding ginger. I bought a ginger root from my grocery store, grated it up and added to a "secondary" jar.

I let the ginger and the kombucha blend flavors for about a week and then bottled the combination up, trying to filter out as much of the actual ginger root as I could easily easily strain out.

The result was good. It basically tasted like a tarter less sweet ginger ale. I like the flavor of ginger ale, but I don't really like the sweetness / sugar, so this was a drink I really enjoyed.

It wasn't carbonated. I would have preferred it carbonated, so I think next time I make Ginger Kombucha, I will probably add a little sugar at bottling time for the SCOBY yeast to eat and produce CO2.

I think I'll try adding ginger to this current batch of Green Tea Kombucha. We'll see how I like it the second time. 

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