Friday, February 10, 2023

Whole Chicken in the Dutch Oven

So ... remember Another Whole Chicken in the Vortex?

At some point I realized that I could basically do the same thing in a cast iron Dutch oven.

So ... fairly recently I gave it a try.

It was a snowy work day back in January. 

I placed the Dutch oven down on the charcoal grate and place lit charcoal around it. 

The chicken went on the Beer Can stand up in the middle.

You can see what I mean in the following pictures.

Basically the same as in the Vortex ... only in the Dutch oven.

It took a little longer, but that might have been the colder / snowy weather.

The bird cooked nicely.

Nice and pretty.

It turned out really good. I think I liked the Whole Chicken in the Vortex, but I'm not sure I can describe what I liked about it more.

I think the Vortex is how I'll do it next time.

Anyway ...

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Go Eagles (whomever is playing the Chefs)!

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