Thursday, June 15, 2023

Double Chuck Roast

We had my wife's family visiting this past weekend to help celebrate my younger son's graduation from high school.

On Saturday, we wanted some BBQ, but of course my wife also wanted me to spend time with the family.

If you follow this blog at all, you probably have seen posts about me smoking chuck roast for shredded beef sandwiches.

Chuck roast takes a long time to get tender enough to shred the beef, but I like to smoke it for a few hours in the morning and then put it in the Crock Pot for several hours afterward.

That way, I don't have to pay attention to the cooking meat for the majority of the time it is cooking ... at least after that couple of hours on the smoker.

This time, I cooked two Sam's Club chuck roasts. Two was more than we needed, but I didn't think one was enough ... and I'd certainly like to have leftovers better than not having enough.

I got started around 6am ... before anyone else was up. I let the meat smoke for about 3 hours.

I actually got a decent bike ride in while the meat was on the kettle.

Then, I placed both roasts into the crock pot around 9am along with about a cup of water and a couple beef bouillon cubes and some more spices.

I just let it cook on low while we went out and did other things.

We returned back to the house several hours later, and I had time to prepare some poppers to have with our feast.

OMG ... the kitchen smelled wonderful with the aroma of slow-cooking beef

Both the beef and the poppers were big hits. We were also able to serve both with lunch the next day before going to a Rockies game.

Fun weekend.

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