Monday, June 26, 2023

SheppyBrew Roll-a-Style

So ... Remember in 2021 BCJP Styles to Brew ... I have several BJCP Styles that I have not brewed.

There are a significant number in that list that I don't really want to brew, but most of those are beer styles I'd at least like to try.

There is a homebrew podcast that I listen to "Homebrew Bound", and they do a thing every few episodes that they call "Roll-a-Style". Basically they have a set of descriptors listed. They roll a 20 sided die to come up with new (weird) styles of beer.

I thought it would be fun to (sort of) steal the idea.


I'm going to pick 20 of the beer styles I have not brewed and assign each a number. When I want to brew a new style of beer, I'll roll the 20-sided die and whatever number I end up with, I'll design a recipe and brew that beer.

I have more than 20 styles I need to brew, so I'll keep a list of beers on the "bench". As I go through the first 20, I'll remove the ones I brew and replace them with those from the "bench".

I probably won't be brewing for a few weeks, and I believe the very next beer I'll brew is going to be Hail Storm Summer Saison.

After that, though, I think next time I brew, I'll "Roll-a-Style" ...

Number Beer Style
1 3A. Czech Pale Lager
2 3C. Czech Amber Lager
3 5A. German Leichtbier
4 9C. Baltic Porter
5 10C. Weizenbock
6 12C. English IPA
7 13B. British Brown Ale
8 14A. Scottish Light
9 21C. Hazy IPA
10 Historical Beer: Kellerbier
11 14C. Scottish Export
12 15C. Irish Extra Stout
13 24C. Bière de Garde
14 16A. Sweet Stout
15 16C. Tropical Stout
16 26C. Belgian Tripel
17 16D. Foreign Extra Stout
18 Historical Beer: Kentucky Common
19 17C. Wee Heavy
20 20A. American Porter

My "Bench" includes:

Stay tuned on Sheppy's Blog: Roll-a-Style to see how this little "project" goes ....

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