Thursday, June 08, 2023

Alpine Tundra IPA (Batch 337)

If you follow this blog, you knew it was coming ... 

I did it. Sunday I brewed an IPA. I do believe this is the IPA-est IPA I've ever brewed.

A total of 8 ounces of hops. 4 ounces in the boil. 4 ounces in dry hop.

Citra / Galaxy / Mosaic / Talus.

Up until this past Sunday, I've brewed 336 batches of beer, and only about 11 of those batches could be considered IPA's.

Unfortunately, it feels like most craft beer fans consider IPA the only craft beer style. 

It is sad that for a movement that is supposed to be so much about variety, so many people have such a narrow view.

Regardless, I do love a good West Coast IPA, and will brew one to have a hoppy beer on tap.

Usually, I would have prepared water the night before, but we've been getting a lot of rain lately, and I suspected we'd get rain overnight. I suppose I could have just done the prep work in the garage, but if it wasn't raining I would prefer to be out on the patio.

As it turned out, it was very rainy on Sunday, so I did brew in the garage.

I didn't really get started early enough to be done before church, so I got the mash done before going to church and set the temperature to 180ish while I was away so that I wouldn't have to heat too long to get to a boil.

My pre-boil gravity measured a bit low. I added sugar to get it up.

The boil went fine. This was a ton of hops compared to my usual brew.

Because of all the hops, I decided to gravity transfer rather than using the pump. This turned out pretty good.

I transferred to my pressure fermenter and put hop bags in place attached with magnets. In a few days, I'll drop those into the wort.

I also left some hops available for me to keg-hop as well.

My OG ended up a bit high, which is sort of weird. I feel like I must have mis-read my pre-boil gravity. But, I won't complain about a slightly bigger beer.

Fermentation is going well so far.

I'm really looking forward to drinking this beer.

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Go Nuggets!

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