Wednesday, July 05, 2023

Roll-a-Style 13 ... Bière de Garde

Ok ... after having people visiting and drinking a bunch of my beer, I need to brew to get my inventory back up.

In order to determine what to brew next, I decided to start the SheppyBrew Roll-a-Style.

So ... I used my online 20 sided die and rolled ...

On my list, 13 just happened to correspond with style 24C. Bière de Garde.

To be quite honest, I didn't really know much about the Bière de Garde style of beer. When I first rolled the 13, I wasn't even sure I'd ever had a Bière de Garde.

It turns out that I had one at Q is for barQuentine Brewing Company called "You Rest, You Rust". Apparently I liked it. I also noted that it was my wife's favorite at this brewery.

What is a Bière de Garde?

"A family of smooth, fairly strong, malty, lagered artisanal French beer with a range of malt flavors appropriate for the blond, amber, or brown color. All are malty yet dry, with clean flavors. Darker versions have more malt character, while paler versions can have more hops while still remaining malt-focused beers."

It is certainly more malty than bitter with an IBU range of 18 to 28.

It's color ranges from fairly pale at 6 SRM to pretty dark brown 19 SRM

It's ABV can be anywhere from 6 to 8.5% 

As a starting point for my recipe, I decided to use the Bière de Garde recipe "No Culottes, No Problèm" from Brewing Classic Styles.

But, my resulting recipe (Gypsy Magic Bière de Garde) wasn't really that similar.

Keep an eye on Sheppy's Blog: Gypsy Magic to see how the brew day goes.

Now that I brewed this style of beer, I moved a style from my "bench" into the #13 slot:

NumberBeer Style
13A. Czech Pale Lager
23C. Czech Amber Lager
35A. German Leichtbier
49C. Baltic Porter
510C. Weizenbock
612C. English IPA
713B. British Brown Ale
814A. Scottish Light
921C. Hazy IPA
10Historical Beer: Kellerbier
1114C. Scottish Export
1215C. Irish Extra Stout
1328C. Wild Specialty Beer (sort of)
1416A. Sweet Stout
1516C. Tropical Stout
1626C. Belgian Tripel
1716D. Foreign Extra Stout
18Historical Beer: Kentucky Common
1917C. Wee Heavy
2020A. American Porter

My "Bench" now includes:

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