Sunday, August 06, 2023

Gypsy Magic, Wings and Corn

So.... I sort of had a weird issue with Gypsy Magic Bière de Garde, but I seem to have gotten past it.

The issue was that the beer was quite cloudy when I kegged it.

I'm really not sure why. It attenuated fully and I thought I had given enough time to clear up.

I thought that once it was chilled it would take a day or two to clear up, but it really stayed cloudy for longer than I expected. Eventually, I added gelatin to help settle out the "crud", and a couple days after, that seems to have done the trick.

But, I probably had almost a whole gallon of beer before it was where I thought it was finally good to drink.

I guess the good news is that the beer is exactly what I think it should be now. 

Smooth and malty with clean yeast character. Fairly strong, but dangerously drinkable. Not much hop character. Nice and dry. Beautiful dark amber / brown.

I enjoy drinking the beer, but considering it is 7.2% ABV ... I have to be careful not to let myself drink too much at one sitting.

I have to remind myself that it is a sipper, not a session beer.

Anyway, it still pairs well with grilling, and this past Sunday I had a couple of pints while making Chicken Wings and Corn on the Cob on the 26" Weber Kettle.

I've made wings a few times recently, but have not really posted about it. The vortex really works well to get the wings done at fairly high heat.

This time, I marinated the wings for a few hours in cooking oil and a mix of Italian seasonings. 

About an hour before dinner time, I put the wings on.

I started out with the temperature a little lower .. around 280 or 290. 

With about 30 minutes left, I put the corn on with the husks on. About 15 minutes, I put the corn directly over the fire for about 5 minutes each.

I have not really decided what the best way to make corn on the cob on the grill. I'm not sure cooking in the husk is the best way to go.

Anyway, the wings turned out perfect. The corn was good. Yummy dinner overall.

And ... the beer is great (now).

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