Thursday, August 17, 2023

Pork Butt and Kumbucha

Summer is almost over!

My youngest son is heading off to college this week. How did this happen so fast?

One of the things he requested before heading off to school was to have pulled pork for dinner some night.

So, this past Sunday I smoked a pork butt.

Generally, I use Kombucha to spray my bbq. My spray bottle was empty, but I've had a batch fermenting for quite awhile.

So, I had to bottle up that batch.

I got started around 6am, applying rub to the butt, getting the kettle ready, and getting the kombucha ready to bottle.


I combined about 1 part of cherry apple juice to 3 parts kombucha in each of four bottles, on of which was the spray bottle I use to spray BBQ.

The three bottles that are not the spray bottle are currently carbonating. The spray bottle is simply chilling out in the beer fridge for next time I use it.

The pork slowly cooked over a few hours.

I sprayed it every hour or so.

Once the internal temperature reached 160 or so, I wrapped it up.

While the butt continued to cook in the wrap, I headed out on a bike ride.

After the bike ride I sat on the patio listening to music, watching the kettle, and drinking Gypsy Magic Bière de Garde.

I also made some corn.

Everything turned out great.

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