Thursday, April 10, 2008

16w v2?

So, did you see the game last night?

Hard hitting. Hard skating. Great goaltending. Foresberg held in check off the scoresheet but still showing his magic on the ice and his love of physical hockey. Finally Ryan Smyth had a good game which is good to see in the playoffs. Both sets of d-men played mean and hit hard and jumped up into offensive plays. Overtime win by (who else) super Joe.

Jose Theodore was better than his counterpart and kept the Avs in the game.

And when you go to playoff overtime who do want on your team more than Joe Sakic?

It is probably far fetched to think the Avs will get 16w (15w now) for the cup, but I am not going to bet against a team that has Peter the Great, Hejduk, and Paul Stastny playing great together. A team that has Ryan Smyth playing well. A team with a defensive core as mean as Adam Foote and Rousolon Solei, as solid as Finger and Sauer and as exciting as JM Liles and J Leopold. A team with a red hot Theodore in net. And a team with (lets face it) Joe Sakic.

It was not an easy game. Both teams had to fight for every puck and every inch of ice. Either team could have won the game and I fully expect every game to be the same way. And if the Avs get past the wild, the opponents probably will not get any easier.

But still until they get knocked out... 16w all the way.

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