Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Island

Our auction tonight is at a place called "The Island".

I have never been here before and never really heard of it, but as far as I can figure it is a indoor and outdoor sand volleyball facility. Apparently they also rent out the space for events.

We are here to do a silent auction for Southmoore Elementary school.

Thank goodness it is indoor because it there is a possibility of snow tonight.

But, we are setting up a computer network on SAND. It is very dusty sand.

This is not a good place for us to do an auction. It is hard to setup and the dust is not good for our equipment. But, we aim to please, so our corporate policy is to not complain too much about it.

And come to think of it, this is not the worst venue we have done one of these in. The worst, actually is the Polo Classic ( because it is always over the hottest weekend of the year. I don't know how the 20/30 club of Denver manages it, but somehow they are always able to get it scheduled that way. Sometimes they even throw in huge thunderstorms just to keep us on our toes. Thunderstorms are not good for computer equipment either. the Polo Classic is even the one we do for free. We're so smart.

Anyway, we are pretty much setup for our even now. It does not start for about 2 hours, so I guess the setup was not too bad.

It is so much nicer now that we have paid setup people.

I've been playing around watching Slingbox the past couple of events. It works ok, but I am a bit disappointed with the quality of the picture while using my phone as a modem, but it is better than missing the Avs or the Nuggets. Plus, it is one of those guy toys I can show off with. I just noticed that the Nuggets are on a big TV in the bar of this place while I was watching a little choppy picture on my computer. Oh well.


Well... it is now the next day. We survived the night. The equipment seems to have survived. It was actually sort of fun. It was a late night.

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