Thursday, December 15, 2005

Potty Training

I am not sure what the criteria for applying the official title "Potty Trained".

If my 3-year-old boy makes it through today, he will have been clean and dry for 7 days in a row. This will be his second 7-day in a row streak. This month he has been clean and dry 11 days (today will be 12 I am pretty confident) and had accidents only 3 days.

Is that potty trained? My initial response is no, because he still does not stay clean and dry every single day. But, when people ask I give them a long explanation rather than answering yes or no, because if I think about it, he is trained. He has gone in the potty a long time. He even goes in the potty way more than he goes in his pants.

Does anyone know the exact criteria?

Tyler will get a little prize today (he'll actually probably get it tomorrow) for making it 7 days in a row. He gets a "Little People" McDonalds that used to be Tracy's toy. This was from the good-old days when "Little People" were still small enough to choke on. I'm not sure why getting to play with Mom's old toys seems to be Tyler's greatest motivation, but for some reason it is. His fist 7-day streak was rewarded with Tracy's old "Little People" villiage. Weird kid.

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