Saturday, May 27, 2006


I was up at 3:00 yesterday morning, working on various things on my computer. I was a bit bummed out because I had no campsite reserved for Memorial Day Weekend. I had just put it off until Monday or Tuesday of this week and there was nothing left. That is the problem with on-line reservations, they are just so easy to do that you have to get them in very early.

Before the kids, I would have just packed up the truck and gone off with Tracy to some remote jeep trail or even found a nice Backpacking trail, but with the kids, I feel I need a campsite reservation. So, I was a little depressed that I was going to spend the whole long weekend at home. Goodness knows I could use some time in the yard, I have a bunch of "Honey Do" things to do, but long weekends are meant to go off somewhere.

So I signed onto, put in $35 a night for the Breckenridge area and tried to see if I could get a good hotel price. I got rejected, but for some reason, Priceline gave me a second chance if I increased my requested price by $6, and $41 got me two nights in the Holiday Inn at Lake Dillon. For whatever reason, I can always get great prices (great compared to other mountain places to stay). So, at 6:30 or, I told Tracy to pack up for two days ... we are leaving this afternoon.

This is how most of our vacations go, I'll decide I want to get going and we go. We have little or no idea what we are going to do when we get there. We just go.

And it always turns out great. I always feel like we should have planned better, but I never have a disappointing trip like this. There are some people I know who just cannot imagine taking this kind of trip without planning every moment. I wonder how people like that are ever able to have any kind of fun. Oh well.

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