Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I took a number and have to wait. I do not remember when the last time I actually took a number to wait for anything. And I do not particularly care for it.

It is a Wednesday around 10am in the Colorado State Parks office. Shouldn't these other people be working?

I have to be here because we bought a minivan last night, and traded in the truck that had our CO state park pass on it. To get a new sticker without paying the $55 again, I had to come down here to get a new one.

Of course buying the van took way longer than it seems it should have. I had already test driven an exact van (except for the color) and had the price worked out before I got in, so it should have taken no time at all. But it did take time. And most of it was waiting.

33 got called. I guess that was not too bad a wait.


Now I am at U-Hall waiting for a hitch to be installed. They had me come back. Then I would be next so I left them the key and took a walk. It has now been an hour and a half total and they just now pulled the van in the garage. I probably should have just installed it myself. Hopefully it will not be much longer.

It is a nice day and there is not much work to do at CHFA today, so I guess there could be worse situations to wait. I do have to pick up the kids in a couple of hours though so hopefully I am not too much longer.

This van is pretty nice, but I already miss the Blazer. And the van takes up a bunch more room in the garage. It will be great to be able to fit more than just the four of of in a vehicle. The Blazer was great for us 4, but 5 was uncomfortable for one person and downright dangerous (possibly illegal?) for 6. So, Papa Lou had to ride in the cargo area a couple of times. With the van, 7 should fit ok. 6 a piece of cake. Of course, it is somewhat rare that we would ever need seats for 7.

Anyway, this email is probably going to ge cut off, so I'll end the blog here. I'll be waiting some more.


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