Thursday, August 02, 2007

Is anybody there?

So here I am sitting on a bench in downtown Denver trying not to think about a techical issue I am having with Captaris Workflow. If you do not know anything about Captaris, don't worry. It really does not matter.

The point is, sometimes the best way to come up with a solution is to stop thinking about it. Quite often, for me, a solution will come when I stop thinking about it. I think this happens to others as well, but maybe more for me. I do not know why this would be. It is probably just my ego-centric imagination.

My kids and I are going camping tonight. I mentioned it a few days ago and if for some reason it does not happen, it will devistate Connor. Every night since I brought it up, Connor seems to get upset that we are putting him to bed in his bed. He says 'No night time! Go camping.' I should probably realize by now that I should not talk about the future with my kids because future dates mean nothing. Daddy says we are going to do something a year from now and the kids will expect it to happen any time now.

Camping should be fun. I do not know exactly where we are going and chances are I am going to forget to bring something that I wil end up wishing I brought. Since, I do not know where we will be, I do not know what we will do. It will be an adventure to be sure.

Well... Nothing came to me about Captaris. Might as well go back in and try something else.

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