Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More Cute Pictures

My wife recently blogged on with a few cute pictures of and update on our boys:
Rather than re-post all the pictures, I'll let you follow the links above if you want to see them.

Note, the intent of the Trash Family Blog was to allow Tracy's Mom and Dad and all their kids (5 brothers plus Tracy) to be able to post things of interest to each other. Originally, it was created around information specific to a Family Reunion, but I was envisioning everyone using it like Tracy did in the two posts above. If you look through the posts, you can see my vision was not quite realized. Since the reunion, Tracy (BuckWheat) has posted 3 times; I (TrashyShep) have posted 3 entries; Big Jer has made one post and Tracy's mom has made one post (about a possible place for the next reunion).

Oh well. At least it gives Tracy a place to post things for her T.R.A.S.H. family to see.

I wonder if she would like to create one for her Dad's family. It shows what a complete geek I am that I am thinking about possible domain names for such a thing. At some point, I will probably even try some of them at GoDaddy (which is where all my current domains are registered).

Just what the world needs: more blogs.

I've tried to convince Tracy that we should buy a domain name for her. She does not see a need.

I've also talked to Tyler about getting one for him to blog on. He actually likes the idea.

Of course, I own, so if I wanted to save a few bucks I could just go with and . But, I would hate to have someone come in and take any good domains right out from under Tracy, Connor, and Tyler.

Seriously, I need help. Normal, sane people do not think about this kind of thing, do they?

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