Monday, March 30, 2009

In Vegas

It is Tyler's spring break.

He got an extended break when we got a snow storm Thursday which closed school two days. Thursday was Tyler's first snow day ever. Friday was his second. That is sort of amazing considering we live in a place like Denver as opposed to a place like Nevada (for example).

We went to Las Vegas for Tyler's spring break. Well, Henderson, NV actually, but we can see the strip from the place that we are staying. My wife's mom and dad live here in the desert. I cannot imagine living here. I hate the summer in the desert and don't really like the fact that you don't really have a winter here. Actually, I think I am one of the few people in the world who probably would not visit Vegas (unless I had relatives living here and/or my wife made me come). It just is not someplace that excites me that much.

But the kids really like visiting their grandparents. And the weather this time of year is ok.

We drove this year. Utah has some interesting scenery and we have not taken our mini-van on a long road trip yet. Plus, I was sort of hoping we would get one of our huge snow storm and not have to go. We got a huge snow storm, but not big enough to stop the trip. Oh well.

On the ride out, we stopped at one of those Utah viewing areas and Tyler found this little lizard running around across the rocks. Tyler did a good job picking the guy out considering how well he was camouflaged.

Anyway, we are having fun in Nevada. Today, we are going to Valley of Fire State Park. It looks pretty interesting. Maybe I'll post some more pictures after we go.

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