Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Thanksgiving Pictures

We had a good Thanksgiving. The boys and I were up early, getting them fed and then making a "yeast starter" for my Blackhawk Black Ale which I actually mixed up on Black Friday. Then, we did dishes, cleaned up the kitchen, living room, and family room. When Mommy finally got up, we did the vacuuming.

The boys played together (nicely most of the time) and I watched football most of the day. Tyler and I also got in a baseball game in the backyard snow. Mommy cooked a large part of that time, but watched football and played with the boys as well.

Dinner was wonderful (as my wife always makes wonderful dinners). Poor Daddy had to do the dishes again. Finally, we got to watch the Broncos actually win!
Here is a picture of us watching football:

Friday, since I refuse to ever participate in any of the Black Friday sales, we headed up to Echo lake.
Here is a picture of us on the way up:

Connor got to try snow-shoeing for the first time. He giggled pretty much the whole time, which is very cute.
Here is a picture of Connor in his (until Friday, Tyler's) snowshoes:

We spent some time slipping and sliding on the lake. Tyler and Connor also tried to use rocks to bust through the ice. It didn't work.
Here is a picture of Daddy and the Boys on the ice:

And then, we headed down to Idaho Springs to have lunch at TommyKnocker Brew Pub.
Here is a picture of the boys hugging Mommy. Not sure what she is drinking:

And, now here we are in December. Not sure where the entire year went. Time is definitely going faster than it used to.

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