Saturday, January 30, 2010

SheppyBrew 2009 Stats

So, I went through my SheppyBrew nano-brewery records.

Last year:
  • I made 29 batches of beer.
  • Of that 29 batches, there were 18 completely different recipes (note... most of my repeat recipes had significant changes, but I still considered them the same recipe ... see Eric's Red, Phat & Tyred, and Girly Berry).
  • That comes to approximately 65 gallons of home brew.
  • All of my beers were ales.
  • 26 of the batches were SheppyBrew recipes. (meaning I came up with the recipe myself. lots of them were based on other recipes, but I made enough of a change to each of these that I can consider them SheppyBrew recipes). These were of 15 different recipes.
  • 27 of my batches were good, very good, great, or oh-my-god fantastic. If you cannot do the math, that means 2 were not good (the yucky ones were Maple Brown and Girly Berry batch #1).
  • 0% of the beers were so bad that they could not be drunk.
  • 100% of the beers were consumed (0% thrown away).
  • 5 of my batches were partial mashes (2 recipes ... Phat & Tyred and Blackhawk Black)
  • 6 of my batches had no Mr. Beer ingredients in them (3 recipes ... Phat & Tyred and Blackhawk Black and Fools Gold Ale)
  • 3 of the batches were started in 2009, but not finished conditioning until 2010 (Wetta Blonde , Phat & Tyred and Blackhawk Black)
  • The favorite beer of all the people who drank SheppyBrew seems to be Wetta Blonde.
  • My favorite beer is Phat & Tyred.... or maybe Blackhawk Black ... or maybe Eric's Red.
  • My sexy beer model's favorite beer seems to be Girly Berry (batch #2 , batch #1 was one of the two yucky beers).
  • The SheppyBrew brewing assistants have never had any of the SheppyBrew beers.
  • The person who has consumed the most beer of anyone (other than the Brew Master) is Tracy Shepard.
Most (if not all) of these stats are pretty impressive for a first year home-brewer.

I expect that in 2010:
  • SheppyBrew nano-brewery will brew more beer.
  • A higher percentage of SheppyBrew beers will be completely formulated from non-Mr. Beer ingredients.
  • All the recipes will be SheppyBrew original.
  • SheppyBrew nano-brewery will brew a couple of lagers.
  • SheppyBrew nano-brewery will either do start doing 5 gallon batches or some all-grain batches (or maybe both).
  • I'll do more dark beers.
  • More people will drink SheppyBrew beers.
So far in 2010:
  • I have mixed up 3 batches, 3 different recipes (this puts me on pace for more beer than last year).
  • 2 of the 3 batches have been completely non-Mr. Beer ingredients (Tweedle Beetle Stout, Fools Gold)
  • All 3 batches have been SheppyBrew original recipes.
  • No lagers yet, but I have purchased some lager yeast.
  • 2 of the 3 batches have been Stouts (Tweedle Beetle Stout and Leprechaun Stout)
  • Tracy still drinks more SheppyBrew beers than anyone in the world (except the Brew Master).

Anyway, the only one who is interested by any of this is the Brew Master at the SheppyBrew nano-brewery ... and maybe my sister who was nice enough to get me started ... and perhaps my wife who drinks the most SheppyBrew of anyone in the world (except for the Brew Master). And just quite possibly you (but probably not).

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  1. Your blog happened to be the random one that came up after mine. I homebrew, too (since 1998)although I slacked off after Husband had to go on the wagon. The most amazing thing happened -- the local brewing supply store (Brew & Grow here in Chicago)is moving across the alley from me which may be the kick in the butt I need to start brewing again. Cheers!